Roofs: Preventing Disasters and Doing Repairs

Roofing Materials You Could Consider For Your Coastal Residence

Whether you use your coastal residence as your permanent abode or as a holiday getaway, one of the things that you need to ensure remains in good shape is the roofing. This is because it does not matter how frequently you use the property; the roof will always be exposed to the elements. Properties located in coastal areas will have different needs as those compared to other houses due to the exposure to humidity, salt and ore. As such, it is prudent to select the right roofing materials to prevent unnecessary roofing repairs occurring on a regular basis. Keep in mind that the wrong roofing option could lead to premature roof replacement, which could prove to be quite expensive. Here are some of the roofing materials you could consider for your coastal residence.

Copper roofing materials

Typically, homeowners will tend to steer clear from metal materials for their coastal roofing …

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Tile Roofing

Tile roofing comes in many different materials, from concrete to slate tiles. While there are some differences between tile materials, the benefits and drawbacks of tile roofing tend to be the same among the different types of tiles. Here are some of the main benefits and drawbacks of tile roofing.

Tile Roofing is Durable

One of the main benefits to choosing tile for your roofing material is that it is strong and durable. Tile won’t crack or break easily and will last a long time. This is great news since any money you spend on the tile roof is going to be like an investment. You pay for the roofing material once, and then it lasts for a long time. If you were to go with typical asphalt shingles or wood shingles or shake roofing, it wouldn’t be able to handle as many conditions and wouldn’t have the same lifespan …

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Surprising Facts About Timber Frames Most Homeowners Don’t Know

When looking at homes for sale or when having a new home built, you will want to consider the material used for the frame of a home. Standard wood studs are typical and they’re very sturdy, but timber frames offer many advantages that most homeowners don’t even realize. If you like the look of a timber-framed home but still aren’t sure if it’s the right choice for you, consider a few surprising facts about timber frames that might make the decision easier.

1. Timber frames are very fire-resistant

This fact might surprise many homeowners, since they often assume that all wood is highly flammable. In truth, timber frames are very dense so that there is little air inside of them. Fire needs oxygen to burn and when it reaches a dense material of any sort, this can cause it to simply die out.

If a fire were to start in …

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Four Roofing Solutions for Eco-Friendly Homes

Green living generally starts in the home and then radiates out to other aspects of your life and living environment. One of the ways you can extend your eco-friendly and green lifestyle is to upgrade aspects of your home to a greener option.  Your roof may the one spot that leaves you wondering how to incorporate your green lifestyle.  Here are four roofing solutions that may help.

Reclaimed Timber Shingles

Using recycled timber shingles offers several benefits for both your home and for the environment. When you use recycled timber, you are avoiding using new timber that has not yet matured. Reclaimed timber has likely already been exposed to weather conditions that have allowed it to contract and expand over time. This movement is slight, but it does make the timber more durable. With the proper weather seal, you can use the reclaimed timber shingles as a viable and ecologically …

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Choosing the Right Material for Framing a New House

If you’re having a new home built, you may need to decide on the material for the frame. While your contractor can help you determine the best choice for you, it’s good to ensure you know the differences in the materials that are commonly available. After all, you’ll be the one paying for the materials and the one to live in the house once it’s built. Note some important factors about the three most common materials used for framing a house.

1. Wood studs

Wood studs are probably the most commonly used material for house frames. Their advantage is that they’re easy to cut and fabricate so they won’t hold up the construction schedule, and they’re also very affordable. They’re also recyclable, in case you want to renovate your home down the road.

However, standard wood studs tend to shrink and expand over time as they absorb moisture, and they …

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3 Signs You May Need a New Roof for Your Home

When your home’s roof has a big gaping hole in the middle of it, then of course you need to call for repair or replacement. However, a big gaping hole is not the only sign that your roof needs repair or replacement, and knowing the signs of needed repair to your roof can ensure you get those repairs done as quickly as possible. This can keep other building materials from being damaged and keep you from needing more extensive repairs down the road. Note a few of those signs here.

1. When you note musty or mouldy smells from your attic

If you notice musty or mouldy smells in your attic, this may mean that mould is growing along the building materials on the other side of your ceiling. Often this happens when there is a leak in the roof and water gets into the home, and moisture then collects …

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